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Tuesday, November 2, 2010 @ 6:57 PM


I am moving my blog to onsugar and the new url is:


The difference is just the domain and I still retain lovess-xoxo. I can actually import my posts from Blogger to Onsugar. It's pretty cool as I do not have to lose any posts.

See you at Onsugar.


@ 1:18 PM

I feel like flying away...

Suddenly, I feel like going away to the US and just shop there. Dont ask me why there but it's just a random feeling.

I guess it's the feeling of trying to run away from everything; school, work. School had just started and the sense of urgency is still not in me yet. This is no good. I need to feel stress (good stress, not overloaded with it) so that I am motivated to pay attention during lectures and tutorials, do my projects seriously and achieving good results. Maybe I can think of university entrance as my goal and work towards it. I dont know. Hopefully I will feel the urge again.

(Fuck man, what's with the other students starting projects so soon?)

I want to go to US to shop like I just said. Take cosmetics for example. Go into any pharmacy or drugstores, the products are just hanging that like how they hang packets of sweets in supermarkets here. I believe the make up there is like way cheaper and more varieties? If you want to buy decent make up in Singapore, buying them off Watsons is good enough. Variety wise, it's always the same. Unless it's Maybelline, when they always have different mascaras coming up. Even if for other brands, their make up are totally out of a normal student's allowance.

So even if I want to buy a make up primer, I cant get it from Watsons. I need to go to the Make-up Store to get it. Primer is important. It helps to make the application of foundation and concealer better and smoother.

Primer is easily available in the drugstores in USA.

So what the hell am I still doing in Singapore when the states obviously have better shopping options?

Shall make that one of my destinations to go after completing my studies.


Thursday, October 28, 2010 @ 11:49 AM

Some day I am going to ride on the back of a white horse, across the meadow, towards the Northern lights...

Friday, September 10, 2010 @ 8:18 AM


I am awake on this Hari Raya at 7.45 am and couldn't get back to my slumber. Maybe it's cos I am still feeling the pain of losing my iTouch during work yesterday.

I just feel unjustified, not willing to accept it. It's not my fault that I had to put my baby inside my bag in a dangerous place. It's just a push carts with cupboards not securely locked and it's the only place you can put your belongings.

I felt like kicking my ass yesterday. Why the hell did I not put my baby inside my pocket like I always do?


Anyway, I don't know why I am posting this. Cos when I read this post in the future, it's gonna remind me of the pain of losing a $300 baby.

Well, maybe if I ever got a new toy to play with again, I will delete this post. =))


Tuesday, August 10, 2010 @ 6:25 PM

I am bored bored bored. Anybody or anything please entertain me??

So yeah, what's going on in my life?

  1. Completed my compulsory internship and yeah, screw that hotel (not gonna name it) and never gonna relive the nightmare.
  2. I went to Genting during my internship. Who says you cannot go overseas when interning?
  3. The fucking boyfriend is serving army now.
  4. The fucking boyfriend is serving army now.
  5. The fucking boyfriend is serving army now.
Nabei. See the emphasis already? I really miss him lah and then he is going into Tekong jungle for training and no contact for 6 days. I feel like hurling all sorts of vulgarities now lah. !!!KNNCCB!!!!

I am so bored now and I don't even feel like heading out unless the weather is cloudy and there's presence on the wind. I mean seriously lah, like why one would want to go out and get heatstroke from the 30 plus degree Singapore sun? Might as well nua at home and sleep and have absolute nil life like me.

Ok, this post is absolutely pointless.

Damn I need to get a job

Sunday, February 28, 2010 @ 9:53 PM

Oh my goodness, it has been a long long hiatus.



Gone are those days of school and yes, no more school for me till October. That's because I will be an intern in Meritus Mandarin. Cant wait to start there actually but hopefully, I can managed it. =))

I hope that I wont screw my GPA for this semester actually. Damn CDS and SSM!! The modules will confirm pull my grades down one lor.

Ah.. Whatever!!!

I want an iTouch and a new handphone now now now!! Ok that is random but I want want want. Luckily IT Show will be coming soon and maybe they will have the i Touch at a cheaper price. I want my phone but I would rather wait till I need to renew my contract then get it. Would not be using LG becos it sucks.

Seriously, my LG phone has been lagging and has a very limited space on the phone itself. The best part is IT CAN SHUT DOWN BY ITSELF. Cool right? Stupid phone.

Will be getting a smartphone this time round. Yayness!!

Ok that's all

Bye Bye

Saturday, December 5, 2009 @ 8:20 AM

Finally! A time for me to have a quiet moment (8.21 am on a Saturday morning -.-") to pen down my thoughts.

School has been very hectic the previous weeks. What's with all the tests and submissions? For goodness sake, it's not even past half the semester yet. I actually had 5 tests this week. I dont know how I managed to pass this week seriously. But now, holidays are coming and I am super happy about it =)) AND SCREW MICE!!!

Besides attending school, There are many I-Guides events too. Like I-Guides Orientation, camp etc. Naturally there lots and lots and lots of things to do. I had never appreciated sleep and rest so much before after all these had ended. So now I appreciated my bed and pillow and Niu Niu (my cow) for giving me a comfortable place to sleep. Sleep is very important and I shall not elaborate on that.

SIP is coming soon and I have applied for Resorts World. I dont know if I am able to get the position but I really really hope to be able to do so. Frankly speaking, I am quite uncertain about entering the working life. It's more of afraid than excited. Well, I guess this feeling will pass as in the end, I STILL HAVE TO WORK.

I had fun too. I went to Kitty Lab on dear's birthday and what an irony right? It's like supposed to be his birthday but we went to Kitty Lab and see Hello Kitty which is my favourite. But but, I made a birthday card for him and got him a shirt for present. I am smart enough not to take pictures of both.

The exhibition was nice but it is so totally not worth $38. The amount of time you can spend inside there is so short and the games were too short. I had fun nevertheless.

I guess this is all for now and I will be going on a cruise next Saturday. I foresee more shopping and Christmas gift.


❝When you are in love,
you can't fall asleep.
Because reality is better
than your dream.❞

i love you,
baby .